Chapter 1..

hello everyone my name is Lucy.. I guess this is my first ever blog post and I would just like to say it is actually real funny I’m writing this as I’m terrible at English and have dyslexia but hay hoe that’s not going to stop me! So I guess there is this thing i just want to talk about, I am at this strange point in my life where i don’t know what i want, in my life right now and future.. its like just one day nothing made sense anymore like from a far my life seems perfect, i have a long term boyfriend who i love and has his future set for him, a best friend and other close friends, loving parents, doing an extremely accredited degree which I’ve almost completed.. but what i started to realise is that looking individually into these relationships the cracks start to show – from it being we aren’t as close as we used to be, do i need something else im not getting from you or even just not texting as much. Honestly I cant think of one of those things without noticing the crack in it. I never used to really think this way before and i hate to say it but its because of this girl i started talking to online who sees the world completely differently to me and enjoys basically everything opposite to what I do.. how we are friends I do not know but i do know this its been extremely interesting for me and i don’t think i would change it even knowing that i feel completely lost. Anyway on top of all this, I feel something for this girl and I don’t know why or even what it is..

I feel like im gonna leave it here for now and go into detail another time so bye for now.. L xx


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